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    Raybestos Chassis Professional Grade Steering & Suspension Parts 1977-1996 B-Body

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    Raybestos Chassis Professional Grade Steering & Suspension Parts 1977-1996 B-Body Empty Raybestos Chassis Professional Grade Steering & Suspension Parts 1977-1996 B-Body

    Post  GM B-Body Forum on Thu Feb 20, 2014 12:42 am

    Ok so ive done alot of research on Raybestos professional grade suspension parts and have found (not personally tested) the perfect combination to upgrade the steering and suspension. I know most prefer and swear by Moog or original Acdelco, but ive never had a problem with Raybestos which I believe was formerly called Spicer? Anyway I have compiled a list of part numbers of all the products you would need to do a complete swap out of the old parts. If you do go ahead and do this, I would purchase them from they are the cheapest Ive found and they have all the parts listed below in stock. I price checked with amazon and RockAuto was well over 100+ dollars cheaper. Alright so lets get started.

    BALL JOINTS: I selected the 1996 9c1 version lower ball joint because it is the upgraded 5/8 inch version verses the original 9/16 inch. The upper ball joints stayed the same, since the lower ball joint experiences more stress, it was the one upgraded. The object of this whole article is performance, so ive selected the strongest which usually means not the cheapest products.  You will have to change the spindle in order to use the upgraded 5/8 inch ball joint. In that case youll have to find a 9c1 in a boneyard, or get new ones still available from GM, part numbers: 18021377 Spindle, LH, 2nd des. for 5/8" stud and, 18021378 Spindle, RH, 2nd des. for 5/8" stud. You will also have to change to 9c1 rotors and calipers which are 12inch rotors. I know alot of work for a ball joint that is 1/16 inch bigger, but its worth the peace of mind.
    Lower: #505-1024 (2 required)
    Upper: #500-1016 (2 required)

    Inner: #401-1590 (2 required)
    Outer: #401-1184 (2 required)
    Adjusting sleeve: #425-1004 (2 required)



    FRONT CONTROL ARMS: The control arms are all the same from 77-96 on the 9c1s to wagons to impala ss's. Since this is about the brand Raybestos i selected their control arms. They come with the "Service Grade" ball joints installed, so you will have to remove them. Service Grade is standard replacement for civilian cars and are not meant for performance use.
    Left Upper: #502-1138
    Right Upper: #502-1139
    Left Lower: # 507-1324
    Right Lower: #507-1325

    REAR CONTROL ARMS: Raybestos does not carry rear control arms for our cars, which is fine because they would carry stock if they did and the stock control arms are not the best for performance driving especially without a rear sway bar. If your looking for performance control arms id recommend BMR Suspension rear upper and lower control arms, there is a thread about BMR in the same section this is posted in.

    BUSHINGS: For control arm bushings, sway bar bushings, id go with Energy Suspension Polyurethane bushings, Raybestos has bushings but im not sure if theyre rubber (they look like it). Poly bushings are the way to go anyway.

    So I think thats it for now, cant think of anything else at the moment. Again this is a write up for Raybestos brand Professional Grade products. Here is a video from Raybestos explaining their Profession Grade line.

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