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    THM350 72'

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    THM350 72' Empty THM350 72'

    Post  Myloth on Fri Jun 13, 2014 2:41 pm

    Spent some time looking for better powertrain and found 72' Impala with Turbo Fire 350 (86k orig) that runs and it has a either a thm350,thm375 or thm400 behind it that would come with the motor. I can't see the transmission but it has to be one of these three
    my question is anyone tknow he tail length of the thm350 (I know the 375 and 400 are longer altogether) and if it would fit?I am going to swap the rear to a 10 bolt as well and hope I don't have to either get custom driveshaft or go on a bug hunt for one. I do know there is 5 or 6 inch discrepancy between the 72s gen and mine with concern to the wheelbase. So I don't know if the shaft is longer or the tranny or both? I can always pass on the trans and just get a TCI but 86k original miles might make it worth it.

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