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    Need Short Headers to Solve B-Body Fitment for LS3/480



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    Need Short Headers to Solve B-Body Fitment for LS3/480

    Post  olbaldi on Fri Sep 11, 2015 7:14 pm

    I promise I will send lots of pictures covering my resto/mod of a 78 Caprice Classic. I have learned enough just buying parts to become a b-body mechanic! I have the rear-end and front-end suspension complete with all new tubular parts and coil-overs all around.

    When my build team mounted the LS3/480 engine and transmission (I wasn't present unfortunately), they found that the manifold on the passenger side hits the frame at the rare of the Lower A-Arm. I don't have a photo that includes the engine, but I am supplying one that identifies where the rub occurs.

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    My builder says the solution is either a replacement right hand manifold or a set of short headers.

    Any ideas? Has anyone loaded an LS3/430 or 480 into a Caprice and run into the same issue?

    Thanks in advance for input
    Osborn F. Enready
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    Re: Need Short Headers to Solve B-Body Fitment for LS3/480

    Post  Osborn F. Enready on Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:46 am

    I have not done an install like that, though been wanting to for quite some time.

    Why not just fabricate the header in question?

    If you can't do the fab work, you can buy the kit and have one built for you.


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