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    Edelbrock 1400 Problem

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    Edelbrock 1400 Problem - Page 2 Empty Re: Edelbrock 1400 Problem

    Post  HeavyChevy77 on Mon Jun 06, 2016 12:27 pm

    Been fight the carb all week found out and fixed a few things
    -found a small leak on the ported vacuum switch( silicone patch for now new ones later)
    -cleaned primary boosters, between jets and idle screw holes (used the gas tank additive from my work cleaned parts up pretty good)
    Car ran good but very poor off idle gotta feather it to keep from stalling
    Then I found the solution, I was going over a superchevy article on carb tuning and talked about the throttle blades have to be open enough to partially expose the transition slot(0.040") checked mine and was way off adjusted ans immediately my throttle responds came back! Did a quick adjustment and drove it and Damn cant believe that's all it was..goes to show dont over looks small but crucial things
    Thanks everything keep on cruising

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