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    9c1 parts list

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    9c1 parts list Empty 9c1 parts list

    Post  TMCKERROW on Tue Sep 13, 2016 9:49 am

    Good evening everyone,
    New here, but been coming here for info for awhile now. I own a 1988 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Wagon, and its cherry. 90k miles, and only 30k on the replacement OE crate 307 in it. Oh, I got if for a steal at $1750 btw lol!!! Anyways, Im not a mechanic, but I do work for a GMC car dealership, in the parts department. So, finding parts (at discount!) is not an issue necessarily. What IS the issue is finding OE performance upgrade parts for this giant beast.
    What Im trying to do is mix 9c1 package parts, with 1996 Impala SS parts, and a few WS6 bits to make up a bulletproof suspension and drivetrain. The Impala parts are easy to find PNs for, but the 9c1 not so much. Does ANYONE know where I can find a complete list of parts, PNs included, that made up the 9c1 package? Even better, has anyone here done this themselves?
    Btw, the 307 WILL eventually be replaced. Im thinking of a ZZ454HO and a 460 or 480 transmission. Is a 1ton truck 10 bolt beefier than a 96 Impala 10 bolt rear end? And, does anyone know how to fit a rear sway bar, OE, into a wagon that was never made with a rear sway bar? As far as I know, the wagon rear end is like, 4" wider than a sedan or coupe. So, no sway bars for anything else will work...
    Any and all help is appreciated guys! Thanks in advance!
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    9c1 parts list Empty Re: 9c1 parts list

    Post  Myloth on Tue Sep 13, 2016 6:59 pm


    There are plenty of sources for parts you are looking for unfortunately the 9c1 stuff is not as easy to get as it used to be.

    Lot of it turns up on ebay etc, for bulletproof change the Oem rear links to solid ones offered from companies like UMI or Southside

    the 4 bars that hold the rearend that is , the solid replacements are 10x better than 9c1 or anything OEM and they are not that much money.

    (300 set maybe) if you want to go low cost the 9c1 lowers are around but you will still have weak uppers going that route.

    Given the weight of these vehicles I think they are great start to solid suspension. They do also make front tubular control arms but there

    you do get into money . Also the 1.25" 2nd gen Fbody front sway bar is a bolt in and is a very solid piece. As far as rear wagon Sway bars maybe

    someone else can chime in with sage advice. All I know is 2dr 4dr bars don't fit but don't quote me . Another good swap is using 96 Impala SS

    Front Springs they are slightly lower than stock and much stiffer than most B Body springs.
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    9c1 parts list Empty Re: 9c1 parts list

    Post  TMCKERROW on Tue Sep 13, 2016 7:59 pm

    I pulled all of this off of this site already...

    PN 10282171 LH lower control arm
    10282172 RH lower control arm
    18021377 LH knuckle
    18021378 RH knuckle
    The above are the 5/8" ball joint parts from the service bulletin.

    10221779 1LE sway bar end links (x2)
    10288551 F-car sway bar bushing (x2)
    15956547 S-10 ZQ8 Bumpstop (x2)
    356534 WS6 front sway bar
    These should also help tighten up my front end.

    10289786 9C1 LCA kit
    For the rear, the gm parts lca kit should do wonders right?

    22064600 9c1 heavy duty front shocks
    22064499 9c1 heavy duty rear shocks
    Those shocks will stiffen me up quite a bit.

    22077450 front '96 Impala SS springs (code TY)
    22132375 Rear '96 Impala SS springs (code HL)
    The Impala springs should get my height right. do i make these work?
    10207649 9C1 rear sway bar
    102251472 Buick frame brace
    I have a wagon, so as far as Ive found, they are not bolt in.

    And to top it off...some air assist from AirLift
    60755 AirLift 1000 Rear kit
    72000 On-board air compressor system.

    Now, I have a decent start. My questions are, what steering gear, upgraded cooling, and other mechanical upgrades made up the 9c1 package? Is a 1ton truck 10 bolt rear compatible? Or is the Impala SS axle a better choice? I want to use ALL GM OE parts. This will be the police wagon chevy never built. And, if anything breaks, I can call NAPA instead of Summit (most towns have a NAPA, but not a Summit).

    Am I headed the right direction here guys?

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    9c1 parts list Empty Re: 9c1 parts list

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