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GM B-Body Forum, 77-79 Caprice/Impala Forum

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    Mr. Bob Hapiak (9c1 developer)

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    Mr. Bob Hapiak (9c1 developer) Empty Mr. Bob Hapiak (9c1 developer)

    Post  TMCKERROW on Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:03 pm

    reposting this from another thread I was in a few days ago...

    Hey guys, I just had a conversation of a lifetime earlier today. While searching for info on the 9c1 Caprice, I was put into contact with a Mr. Bob Hapiak. Anyone heard of him? I hadnt...But, he is the man who was in charge of development of the 9c1 program!!! He is considered the Godfather of 9c1s within Chevrolet! He is the man who said, "Hey, lets use the 'Vette engine." So, tomorrow I am calling him again so we can talk in depth. Hes putting me in touch with the Lead Engineer on the 9c1 program as well! AND, he said he has contact info for guys who bought out all of the warehouses full of 9c1 parts! I think I just stumbled upon the holy grail of Caprice 9c1 lore...

    He is literally the Godfather of the Police packackes. The 9c1, the 1a2 wagon, and the b4c Pursuit Camaro. He has been under contract with GM foe the last 18 years, retired after 40 years at GM before that. One of his first jobs at GM was helping set vehicles up for the "new" radial tires. He started with GM right after college at the age of 18. As i said, he is the man who said, "Hey, lets use the 'Vette motor!" He made the calls on all that stuff. He sold countless taxis and cop cars...just hordes of them. We had our 2nd conversation today, and hes getting me in touch with a few people. One of them was the lead engineer on the 95 9c1 team. Today, and for the next few days, he is up in Michigan at the Police Car testing deal that the Michigan State Police holds. Once hes done, Ill get to speak with him...and I'll soon have a COMPLETE parts list of what made up the 9c1. And, Ill have leads on where to get those parts. AND, I'll get to ask him questions like, "If GM would have let you, what would you have done differently to make it perform better?" And, I can ask what stuff will and wont work. I just cant believe that a simple search for part numbers ended up with me being in touch with one of the industry legends! So cool.

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    Mr. Bob Hapiak (9c1 developer) Empty Re: Mr. Bob Hapiak (9c1 developer)

    Post  78Cupeprice on Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:27 am

    Verry cool!!!! I must say

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