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GM B-Body Forum, 77-79 Caprice/Impala Forum

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    My 1977 Landau

    Sweet Seventy9
    Sweet Seventy9

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    My 1977 Landau Empty My 1977 Landau

    Post  Sweet Seventy9 on Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:48 am

    I was going through my pics looking for something and came across this -

    My 1977 Landau 77bkca10

    This is the one that started my love affair with the 77-79 B-bodies.  Pic was taken sometime in the 1980's.
    She's a 77 Impala Landau.  350/350, F41, G80, power everything.

    I really went to town on this one.  
    Rebuilt the motor, added aluminum heads, roller valve train, remote dual oil filters with cooler, plus a bunch of other under hood goodies.
    Rebuilt the turbo 350 trans with a reverse shift manual valve body, and added a trans cooler.  
    Re-did the rear with new bearings and clutch plates.
    I installed Herb Adams sway bars front and rear, and poly bushings everywhere.
    Added dual exhaust with Thrush turbo mufflers.
    All Auto Meter gauges including speedo and tach.

    Those are IROC Z28 16x8 wheels and Goodyear Z rated tires on her.  Yupper, the rears rubbed during hard cornering.

    The interior wasnt left out either.
    It started with 15% limo tint on the windows.  (sucks at night, btw.  Can't see out the windows.)
    I put in door panels out of a 78 Delta 88 Royale (WAY classier than impala or caprice, imo)
    The back seat out of the same Delta 88.  It has the center fold down arm rest that chevys don't.
    Bucket seats from a 70's Grand Prix.  Really sweet ones too.
    Floor console and shifter out of a 75 Cutlass. (these fit our cars like they were made for them)
    And a KILLER (for the time) stereo system consisting of a Yamaha head unit, EQ, and 10 disc CD changer (that skipped on every bump, lol), Several Yamaha and Orion HCCA amps, 4-12" Orion subs in the trunk, 4- 10" Orion mid-bass drivers on the package tray, 2- 8" Orion mid bass drivers in the kick panels, 8- 4" Alpine midrange drivers (4 in each door) and  4 Alpine tweeters - 2 on the A pillars and 2 on the C pillars.  
    Yes, it was loud, lol ;P

    1977 Impala Landau x1
    1977 Caprice Coupe x3, Sedan x3
    1978 Impala Landau x1, Sedan x2, Station Wagon x1
    1978 Caprice Landau x1, Caprice Coupe x2
    1979 Impala Coupe x2
    1979 Caprice Coupe x7, Landau x4, Estate Wagon x1
    1981 Impala Coupe x1
    1983 Impala Sedan x1
    1983 Caprice Sedan x1
    1984 Caprice Landau x1, Sedan x1
    1985 Caprice Coupe x1, Landau x3, Sedan x4
    1986 Caprice Coupe x1, Landau x1
    1987 Caprice Landau x1, Sedan x4
    1989 Caprice Sedan 9C1 x4

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