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    automatic column adjustment

    terry cronk
    terry cronk
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    automatic column adjustment Empty automatic column adjustment

    Post  terry cronk on Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:08 am

    After installing the 700R4, I put the transmission in park.

    Then hooked up the linkage underneath making sure it was tight.

    After trying to force it into low(first gear) I was occasionally lucky.

    I think, under the hood on the column the arm hits when pulled all the way down.

    I wondered if grinding a relief would allow more movement to first gear?

    When the weather is better, I will try to observe it.

    Right now it mostly goes into second, but starts out in first and quickly shits up.

    Starting in D(direct) it shifts with no problem.

    There is a modified governor in the car. And the lockup convertor.

    Without having to go with a floor shift conversion, I like the stock look.

    Anyone try to correct this? Crying or Very sad

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    automatic column adjustment Empty Re: automatic column adjustment

    Post  Myloth on Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:41 pm

    I found the column so sloppy I had to go with a Hurst floor shifter I don't think you'd regret it . Most cable operated floor shifters only need a small hole. But I believe the linkage is slightly adjustable on the original, not sure if that helps.
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    automatic column adjustment Empty Re: automatic column adjustment

    Post  BrokenBlazerDave on Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:43 pm

    automatic column adjustment Dscf1110

    I must have got lucky with the Buick, the stock linkage off the TH350 bolted right on to the 4L60E and had lots of adjustment. I wonder if the column in my 1981 could have been optioned with or fit another car that had a TH200R4? If so it would explain the ability to get all 4 gears for me and why your car would only get three gears. I don't think GM was even thinking of 4 speed autos in your car at that time. I do not regret the floor shifter in my 78 Impala. If you want me to measure or post any pictures of any of my shifter linkage let me know.

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    automatic column adjustment Empty Re: automatic column adjustment

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