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    dual exhaust for an olds B



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    dual exhaust for an olds B

    Post  quaddriver on Mon Jun 04, 2018 11:38 pm

    I have a 78 98 with the 403., just changed my registration to antique, now I can do whatever I want to it and the state cant say boo. I want to do duals as the stock 403 gains 20-25hp just letting it breath thru 2 pipes. already did a cop bar on the rear, found a set of year correct rallys, rebuilt the 400 to handle whatever I end up doing to the 403...

    however, its no longer the 80's and parts for this just aint around. Its been in fact 18 years since I restored/modified my last set of full size wagons and parts were getting hard then...

    I need essentially muffler mounts and both tailpipes, the I-pipe and the pipes off the manifolds I can handle. the crossmember I can weld creatively (I see from some photos someone makes a section you can weld in after a few cuts?

    any chance any old 77-80-something cop stuff is still around?

    there are still a couple shops around and if I could get a bend card for the pipes (I know, Im dating myself...)


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