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    ureathane body bushings


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    ureathane body bushings Empty ureathane body bushings

    Post  blkop on Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:03 pm

    Greetings all
    would any 9C1 guys know if the energy suspension body bushing kit in ureathane for a 94 96 impala ss
    would fit an earlier caprice or specifically a 1983 olds  c body 98
    and would anyone share their thoughts on putting ureathane bushings in a aftermarket control arm  moog dorman etc
    energy suspension says they will only fit the original arm on the car
    i would appreciate any input and if i can help anyone with something 9 C 1  related please feel free to contact me
    i have had many many years in the automotive business   specifically passenger car ambulances    cadillac division with armored body equipment options and have found many "factory" parts that will fit and further improve the 9C1 platform
    some examples are a 32MM front sway bar  that was found on the 82 84 cadillac d body with diesel engine and /or commerical body option / armored body equipment and with f 40 suspension   and on this same platform the rear sway bar was actually thicker than the one found on the  caprice impala police car  this had to do with the rear axle code and these platforms could not be ordered with any trailer towing options
    another example is a 4 row o e m radiator with the sensor plug fitting
    a rather rare item was a chassis skid plate   this was before "upfitters"    a nice item   very rare and fit the 77 thru 96
    b body platform   attaches thru the crossmenber and then goes upwards to protect the steering relay rod etc uses non grade bolts and nuts so as to break away upon impact only available with the 9 c 1  s e o    not available with 9c3 or 9c6  taxicab  or special service platforms
    one other quite rare item not to  be confused with the " export " non cat pipes for the lt 1 car  a " H " pipe if you will
    strikeinly similar to the pipe found on a 87 monte carlo ss
    this exhaust  was offered on b bodies with export r p o's and built with leaded 454 engines
    the floor pan and the crossmember were stamped from the factory to accomadate dual exhaust pipes
    thanks again
    by the way    this might be a very well kept secret but all yes all carlines of GM offered a "police package"
    on one of their passenger car models during the 70's and mid 80's
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    ureathane body bushings Empty Re: ureathane body bushings

    Post  alusil850 on Sat Oct 06, 2018 1:21 am

    for body bushing, the best thing I found is the dorman body mount.
    look here:

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