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    ride quality with 9c1 or impala ss springs


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    ride quality with 9c1 or impala ss springs  Empty ride quality with 9c1 or impala ss springs

    Post  Screamin'70Impala on Thu Jul 04, 2019 1:16 pm

    hey everybody ive got an 84 Delta 88 with sagging factory springs it sits higher in the front than the back and drives me nuts anyway i know impala ss springs sit an inch lower and 9c1 sit an inch higher im assuming they are both stiffer than factory springs id like to hear from anyone that has either swapped to impala ss springs or 9c1 springs how much did it affect your ride quality id like the car to handle a little better but im not willing to give up my cushie ride if i wanna corner hard and beat myself to death over bumps ive got a lowerd trans am for that thanks for your replies
    terry cronk
    terry cronk
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    Auto Enthusiast

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    ride quality with 9c1 or impala ss springs  Empty Ride quality.

    Post  terry cronk on Mon Jul 08, 2019 10:37 am

    When rebuilding the front end of my 79 Caprice, I purchased the SS front springs and had them installed.

    Along with having a set of overload rear springs in.  It does have a more harsh ride along with a 1 5/8" sway bar in front.  And the stock one in the rear.

    It handles like a GO-Cart on twisty roads.  If the signs say 45 mph. into a curve I can usually run 60+.  The smooth cushy ride isn't there.

    But the handling at high speeds is much better.  Everything in front is new.  Including a 2.5 ratio steering box.

    The front end did not drop down.  Possibly with having Aluminum heads, water pump and intake.  All for weight reduction.

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