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    what you choise (6.0 single turbo) or (big block 540 twin turbo) ?


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    what you choise (6.0 single turbo) or (big block 540 twin turbo) ? Empty what you choise (6.0 single turbo) or (big block 540 twin turbo) ?

    Post  sdah on Thu Mar 26, 2020 1:12 pm

    hi guys,
    I'm new in this forum
    I will start my project soon on my caprice 86 (street-strip) +1100 (((on the wheel))))
    in the beginning, I'm really confused between going with (twin-turbo 540 big Block) or single LS 6.0
    I want to go with big Block but most of the people always against me and they told me (big Block is too heavy for your car ... you will not get what you want ), etc..........
    so I do a lot of research about that
    And to be honest, I saw both of the engines (boosted).. and they were great
    but with big Block always have perfect Torque and really good numbers even with low boost
    after a couple of months, I sew A lot of Projects with LS so I Change my mind
    because I think is not easy to find all the custom part for Bbc like headers and etc..  
    after that, I decided to go with LS
    so I chose these parts

    LS 6.0 forged bottom end
    225 AFR cylinder head
    Holley sniper intake
    single-precision turbo 88
    +1100 on the wheel

    But before a couple of days, I so Richard Holdener test a new engine from Blueprint Engines
    540 bbc Compression ratio

    exactly what I'm looking for
    Long block and ready for the boost
    8.5 Compression ratio
    Richard Holdener test this engine with twin S475 on 15.8 PSI
    1300 HP on dyno ( i think it will be around 1000 one the wheel )
    and I know I can boost this engine more ... easily because the low compression
    After I saw this test on the engine I decided to go with a big block ((right now))
    I know it's not easy to find the part for Bbc but I think it's worth

    so, guys, I need your opinion if you were me, what would your choice and why?

    and I hope it will be a nice discussion

    thanks so many guys
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    what you choise (6.0 single turbo) or (big block 540 twin turbo) ? Empty Two different crowds

    Post  slimwud on Sun May 31, 2020 1:59 pm

    Honestly the twins on a big block is gonna be show stopper. If you want to blow people away thats the ticket. The LS is a great engine but they kinda disappear into the masses at shows. Being that their so popular right now they can be had for cheap and built to max but the respect a big block crammed into anything will steal the shine. Example in my 78 coupe i have a small block very pretty lots on go fast goodies not much chrome but people look and keep walking(not knowing its a 440 cubic inch small block) and would see guy next to me a friend with big block 468 in a 37 buick sedan. Next thing they say is wow i bet that big block is fast. So for you it depends do u. Wanna sneak under radar and smoke goliath motors or do u want everyone to know its fast. For me i like sneaking under radar i love blowing peoples minds.

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